01. The kayaker [maneuvered] his boat alongside the dock, and got out.
02. The pilot had to make a quick and difficult [maneuver] to avoid the flock of geese.
03. The politician used a brilliant [maneuver] to regain his status in the party.
04. He was able to [maneuver] himself into a friendly relationship with the wealthy family by pretending to be an old friend of their deceased son.
05. His [maneuvering] in the party has gained him many political allies, but few real friends.
06. The military is out on [maneuvers] in the Pacific.
07. The player used an interesting [maneuver] to trick his opponent.
08. The runners were all trying to [maneuver] themselves into a good position at the start of the race.
09. The spaceship that landed on the moon was built to minimize weight and maximize [maneuverability].
10. Figure skater Elvis Stojko has always been known for his ability to perform some of the most difficult [maneuvers] in the sport.
11. Through lying, manipulation and general politicking, he has been able to [maneuver] himself into a position as a potential leader of the party.
12. Viking ships were extremely well-designed, and could [maneuver] in almost any kind of water.
13. Leon Trotsky once stated that one must know the limitations of force; one must know when to blend force with a [maneuver], a blow with an agreement.
14. In August of 1588, 130 massive ships of the Spanish Armada were defeated by the English sailors with their smaller, easily [maneuvered] ships.
15. Using virtual reality, a consumer can [maneuver], and view products along rows in a warehouse.
16. Trying to [maneuver] through London's busy streets can be a nightmare for the average tourist.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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